Elle Varner Boasts About Love On New Single “I Don’t Care”

After offering up a J. Cole collaboration with “Only Wanna Give It To You”, Elle Varner is still in a relaxed lovey-dovey mood with “I Don’t Care”, a love ballad off her debut album Perfectly Imperfect. On the mellow jam, produced by Pop & Oak, the soulful 22-year-old sings about “going into the deep end” with a new guy, and not feeling ashamed or hesitant one bit. “I could just stay all day / Lay there and melt away / I’m such a helpless case… I’ve done away with my pride / They say I’m out of my mind / Can’t even say it’s a lie,” she sings. For all those who are head over heels in love with their significant other, this one’s for you. Listen below.

Perfectly Imperfect drops on August 7, and Ms. Varner can’t contain her excitement. “I’m not even joking….I think Im gonna walk in a store on Aug 7th, see my album on a rack, pick up a copy, and faint,” she recently tweeted.

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]