Boy With Snuggie Recreates Beyonce’s “Countdown” And It’s Amazing

Beyonce‘s video for her 4 single “Countdown” is delightful all on its own, but now we know what it was always missing: Snuggies. One giant fan of the pop star’s took it upon himself (and a few friends helping him realize his dream) to recreate Bey’s video shot-by-shot. The whole thing would be entertaining enough, but the use of a Snuggie as a wardrobe choice brings it to a whole new level. (Watch this if you seriously can’t believe just how close his fan video is to the original. Guys, he even shows off a pregnant belly like Beyonce!)

UPDATE: Beyonce thinks his video is “brilliant”, according to a new post on her website. “I think he did this video better than I did,” she wrote, including his Snuggie version on her blog. Somewhere, this kid is perpetually fainting.

Can’t get enough of this kid? Of course you can’t! Thankfully for all of us, his love of Beyonce inspired him to also do a recreation of the “Love On Top” video. Even though he filmed it in what looks like his parents’ living room and didn’t have any backup dancers, he still kills it.