Pink Blows ‘The Truth About Love’ Tracklist Our Way

Pink has told us the truth about “Most Girls,” the truth about “Stupid Girls,” and the truth about who that skeezy guy in the bar is really going home (“U + Ur Hand”). Now it’s time for The Truth About Love. The tracklist for Pink’s sixth studio album features not just the title track “The Truth About Love,” but also a separate song entitled “True Love.” (That’s a lot of honesty and a lot of love.) But in case you prefer the sassier Pink of songs like “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” there are also songs titled “Walk of Shame” and “Slut Like You,” so our girl’s still got it. Catch the full tracklist below.

Pink’s The Truth About Love tracklist:

1. Are We All We Are
2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
3. Try
4. Just Give Me a Reason
5. True Love
6. How Come You’re Not Here
7. Slut Like You
8. The Truth About Love
9. Beam Me Up
10. Walk of Shame
11. Here Comes the Weekend
12. Where Did the Beat Go?
13. The Great Escape

The Truth About Love is due September 18.


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  • Logan

    OMG I can’t wait. She seriously never disappoints.

  • Juvi

    Sounds Amazing, can’t war

  • Fan4me

    i dont think this is real. She was just talking about a song called “Timebomb” in an interview and that song doesnt appear on this tracklisting.

    • Mrnoniee

      Deluxe Version
      01. My Signature Move
      02. Is This Thing On?
      03. Run
      04. Good Old Days
      05. Chaos & Piss
      06. Timebomb

  • Mrnoniee

    where’re the feature ??? she talked about???