Lady Gaga Plays New Song For Fans From A Car In New York

The video you’re about to watch below basically shows Lady Gaga in a vehicle in New York, playing some clubby track for a swarm of fans with the window rolled down and the front passenger side door hanging open. (Crazy Gaga, tempting stowaway Monsters like that.) You can barely make out any melody or lyrics in the song (save for what sounds like the top tour draw singing the word “music”) — mostly because of the chatter of fans and one girl repeatedly yelling, “Gaga, listen to my CD!” Oh, well — feast on scraps below.

Lady Gaga plays new song for fans

Any idea what this song might be, Monsters?

  • Charice Post

    I want Charice!!

  • Juvi

    sounds weird, but kind of good, robotic-60s-style?! but we have to wait for the final

  • Laurie

    Sounds a lot like her own song in BTW, Heavy Metal Lover!

  • Alex Gawlik

    It’s called “the swan song”, according to her chats on That’s not the actual song name, but it’s the concept of the song.