Chris Brown Stars In Break Dancing Movie ‘Battle Of The Year’: Watch The Trailer

Chris Brown continues to be a polarizing figure, but the artist’s dancing abilities have never been up for debate — the dude can seriously dance. Breezy’s skills are put on full display in the upcoming film Battle Of The Year, based on the 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy. The “music-themed drama” also stars Lost’s Josh Holloway stars as a basketball coach who takes on a team of b-boys (Brown included) training for the Battle Of The Year, the world’s biggest break dancing competition.

The trailer was released today, and between the references to a juvenile detention center, his character’s disrespect to authority, and the snappy line “I’m not into boys — I’m into men” shot right at Brown, we’re positive someone could recut this trailer into a biopic of Breezy’s life. (Make it happen, Internet!)

Battle Of The Year will be released in theaters January 25, 2013.