Katy Perry, Justin Bieber & More Read Their Hate Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

In a hilarious sketch of self-loathing, Jimmy Kimmel rounded up Katy Perry and Justin Bieber (along with other celebs ranging from Kristen Stewart to Perry look-a-like Zooey Dechanel) and prompted them to read mean things said about them on Twitter. Why they agreed to participate, we have no idea — reading people’s rude comments on the Internet isn’t exactly our idea of a good time — but they’re all pretty good sports about it.

Katy keeps calm while enduring a pretty negative review of her movie Part Of Me from a person who refuses to even see it, while a blank-faced Justin reads a suggestion to sacrifice himself to the gods:  “Dear god, give us 2Pac back and we’ll give you Justin Bieber,” the 18-year-old pop star reads off his smartphone. It’s okay, Justin, you can always come back as a hologram. [Via Vulture]