Paris Jackson’s Tweets Channel Her Father Michael’s Lyrics Amid Ongoing Family Drama

While Michael Jackson‘s family members are reportedly embroiled in drama over the late singer’s will — a tension that bubbled into headlines over the weekend when 82-year-old matriarch Katherine Jackson was first reported missing, then turned up in Arizona at the home of daughter Rebbie — the “Black Or White” crooner’s daughter Paris has been tweeting regularly. Her short posts range from cryptic, yet poignant, references to her father’s song lyrics to musings about her school work and the 14-year-old’s support for gay marriage.

“everyones taking control of me , it seems that the worlds got a role for me .. im so confused will u show to me you’ll be there for me,” Paris tweeted earlier this morning, quoting lines from Michael Jackson’s hit Dangerous single “Will You Be There”.

On Sunday, when Katherine Jackson was reported to authorities as a missing person by a family member, Paris tweeted, “if anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much”

Later that day, Jermaine Jackson issued a statement saying Katherine was ordered to stay away from the phone and computers during her stay in Arizona. He added that access to his mother is not being blocked.

Despite this, Paris tweeted the following on Monday: “8 days and counting . something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!”

Other tweets from the King Of Pop’s daughter over the past week include the following:

“if you guys want to go all religious on me and say that being gay is against God , just remember that Jesus said to love everyone equally k”

“a lot of ppl have been saying that i ‘changed’ …i wanna apologize for the attitude… there’s just a lot going on… i promise: the ego = gone(:”

“9 days and counting… so help me god i will make whoever did this pay”

“i have a short 8-page chapter to read for homework… should i do it now or tomorrow morning ?”

“school in the morning… 5 hours of sleep vs all nighter… what y’all say ?”

Thankfully, the Twittersphere told her to go to sleep. And so she did, right after tweeting, “aight then .. sleep it is .. goodnight everyone ! ill tweet y’all in the am”

Here’s hoping the Jackson family feud blows over soon and Paris can get back to actually enjoying the life of a semi-normal young teenager — something that her father was clearly never able to do.

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[Via Los Angeles Times]