Hear Cee Lo Green’s ‘Sparkle’ Soundtrack Song: “I’m A Man”

We already told you that you can stream the full soundtrack to Sparkle, and since it includes one of Whitney Houston‘s final recordings we’re going to assume you already gave it a listen. But we know how hard it can be to click on all those links and listen to a whole entire album at once. So, since we want to make sure you don’t miss one of the album’s highlights, we’re going to go ahead and specifically point out Cee Lo Green‘s funky “I’m A Man”. Listen below.

Cee Lo Green, “I’m A Man”

With its blasts of soulful brass, damaged machismo and gravelly falsetto yelps, it’s trademark Cee Lo. And even with the killer sax run to finish up the song, it stays retro without veering into schmaltzy territory. The soundtrack drops on July 31 and in addition to Cee Lo and Whitney it features Jordin Sparks. Sparkle, which starred Whitney Houston in her final role, is in theaters August 17.