Madonna Booed Upon Ending Paris Club Show After 45 Minutes

Madonna’s club gig at the Olympia in Paris seemed to be going well yesterday — until she ended the show after about 45 minutes. Many of those in attendance began to boo the singer and chanting for a reimbursement once they realized she’d left for good. (Tickets for the concert started at about $98.) Others threw water bottles at the stage. Then came shouting by some audience members of the word “salope,” which is French for “slut.”

The Material Girl had already been in hot water in France for superimposing a swastika over conservative politician Marine Le Pen’s head during her MDNA Tour. Now the boos following her Olympia set are out there for all the world to see, as the show was broadcast live on YouTube yesterday. (This, of course, comes after the Australian leg of her MDNA Tour had been canceled.)

Watch below and decide whether or not this is just another incident Madge will let roll off her back.