No Doubt’s ‘Good Morning America’ Performance: Watch

Comeback kids No Doubt are in the full swing of promotion mode for new single “Settle Down” following their Teen Choice Awards and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performances over the past week. During this morning’s takeover of Good Morning America‘s Pepsi Summer Concert Series, the band explained the title of their upcoming album Push And Shove, which is out on September 25.

“It’s kind of like in any relationship, there’s always a back and forth,” said drummer Adrian Young. “We’re like a family here. There’s a lot of pushin’ and shovin’ going on, including making this record. But when we get on stage, that’s where there’s no pushin’ and shovin’.” Watch the interview above, and catch the band’s performances below.

Gwen Stefani briefly touched on the tone of No Doubt’s upcoming album, which seems to reflect, in part, some of the difficulties of being a mother.

“It’s not all fun on the record,” she noted. “There’s always something to complain about. There’s a little bit of being overwhelmed on this record, because it was really hard to try to find the time, you know, with those two little bunny rabbits that I made… It took a long time and it was a real big effort, but totally worth it. The music is just heavenly.”

No Doubt — “Settle Down” (GMA Summer Concert Series)

She also said that it was hard to get back into the swing of writing songs after having her kids, but coming up with “Settle Down” found the band finally clicking again.

“It felt very much like our DNA, like everything that we are,” Stefani said. “The subject is just exactly what I described to you, just trying to make it all work and trying to figure it out.”

No Doubt — “Underneath It All” (GMA Summer Concert Series)