Ludacris Throws The World’s Wildest Party In His “Jingalin'” Video

Most of the world is currently watching athletes from across the globe competing in sports from diving to gymnastics to javelin-throwing. One event you’re not likely to see at the London Olympics? Girl-on-girl bikini-clad watermelon wrestling. Yet that’s the very pastime Ludacris referees in his new “Jingalin'” video, in which he throws a party that puts Katy Perry‘s Friday nights to shame and would have Ke$ha calling the cops.

In addition to that wrestling, there’s pillow fighting in a bouncy castle, keg stands, a clown, a dancing bear, girl-on-girl makeouts, a dwarf in drag, a car in the pool, and a flamethrower. So, you know, probably just your average Tuesday night in the life of Ludacris.

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