Pitbull Posts Photos From His Alaskan Exile

Jul 31st, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Pitbull Kodiak Alaska baby

The fruits of pranksters David Thorpe and Jon Hendren’s labor — that would be starting an online Facebook push to get Pitbull “exiled” to Alaska to perform at the remote Kodiak Walmart store, as part of a larger campaign for Sheets energy strips — were revealed yesterday, via photos featuring the Miami rapper up North. “Thank U Kodiak…I am honored, truly,” the “Give Me Everything” MC tweeted along with the above pic, which shows him holding a baby and posing with some locals.

Earlier, retailer Walmart tweeted a photo of “Mr. Worldwide [making] a new friend in Kodiak, Alaska!” Head below to see just who that friend is. (Hint: the care package Walmart gifted to Pitbull — which contained bear repellant and bear bells used by hikers — probably came in handy for him.)

Meanwhile, ever the good sport,  Pitbull invited Thorpe to tag along with him. “”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Sun-tzu ;),” the rapper tweeted along with a photo of the prankster and prankee together.

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