London Olympics: Sir Paul McCartney Paid One Pound For ‘Isles Of Wonder’ Performance

You’ve watched director Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony extravaganza at the London Olympics, and maybe you even downloaded the accompanying Isles Of Wonder soundtrack album. Now, ready for another stunner? Sir Paul McCartney, who closed the event with a rousing performance of “The End” and “Hey Jude”, was reportedly paid the rather un-Sir-like fee of $1.57 (or one pound) for his time. Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal, Mike Oldfield and others who rocked the Olympics stadium were apparently also paid the same amount.

Billboard, which sources Olympics organizers, notes that one-pound fee was offered as a technicality, to make the Olympics contracts binding.

Other artists who stand to add the same pocket change to their bank accounts include Take That, Jessie J, One Direction, Tinie Tempah, Pet Shop Boys and The Who, all of whom are said to be on an all-star lineup of British pop acts who will perform during a televised two-hour concert at the closing of the Olympics on August 12.

Maybe if they all chip in together, they can download one copy of the inevitable iTunes album that’s sure to pop up afterward featuring all their music.