MTV Video Music Awards 2012: Who Got Snubbed?

When it comes to the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 nominations, not everyone was as lucky as Rihanna and Drake. While the former flames racked up quite a few noms for their respective (and shared) clips, there are plenty more artists who got shafted this time around. Most surprisingly, some some of the biggest ladies in music, all who have made extremely memorable appearances at VMAs past, were entirely snubbed. 

Apparently, 2012 isn’t a good year for four of the most powerful ladies in pop. VMAs queen Madonna got zilch for both her Super Bowl romp “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and black-and-white homoerotic visuals for “Girl Gone Wild”. Britney Spears, who was honored with the Video Vanguard Award last year, had her “Criminal” clip forgotten. Taylor Swift, winner of 2009′s Best Female Video (to Kanye’s chagrin), is MIA from this year’s nominations, though she released videos for her singles “Ours” and “Safe & Sound”.

And though Lady Gaga‘s (or should we say Jo Calderone‘s) “You And I” performance at last year’s VMAs was a standout, the single’s video didn’t make a big enough statement to get nominated. As for her autobiographical, self-masturbatory epic “Marry The Night”, it was overlooked by the VMAs as much as it was on the charts.

Elsewhere, some artists only received far less lods than we expected. Lana Del Rey receieved one lone nomination, and it was in a technical category — Best Cinematography for “Born To Die.” And despite possibly releasing more music videos than anyone, Chris Brown is pretty much absent here, save for a Best Male Video and Choreography nod for “Turn Up The Music.”

Who else got majorly ignored at this year’s VMAs? And who should have scored more nominations? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

  • Dustin Farmer

    Does MTV even play music videos anymore? How can you snub Madge, Gaga, and Britney? This is a travesty!

    • D.j. Sanders

      so true!

  • D.j. Sanders

    Strange. Why even bother to have the show without Lady Gaga or Madonna? I noticed Madonna tour is booked that night anyway so no chance of her showing up… so they snubbed her.. The VMA’s would not have existed the last two years without Lady Gaga. WTF are they thinking?

  • Garrett

    how was selena gomez nominated for best female video when the song is by a band and KELLY CLARKSON was overlooked. when she had a three pretty banging videos

    • MJforever

      Especially considring that Kelly’s “Stronger” video is a madterpiece, and Selena’s is cheesy as f*ck!

  • MJforever

    Well, JLo got snubbed for the second year in a row! In addition to choreoraphy, Dance Angain should’ve also gotten a nom for Best Female!

    As for Usher, why did Climax, his simplest video to date, get nominated instead of Scream?

    About Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend. Wasn’t that already up 10 years ago when it was Nsync’s Girlfriend?

    And last but not least: Katy was worthy of being nominated, but why did the dumb-ass Part of Me video get nominated instead of The One That Got Away, which is 500 miles better?

    Overall, MTV (what used to be Music Television, MJ TV, and Madonna TV) should be stripped of its name, since it hasclearly overlooked what made it a household name in the first place!

  • markus

    This year’s VMA was kinda lame. it wasn’t as fierce at the times when Janet and Madonna had to compete with the nastiest female videos ever created but still stood out as they proved they were the icons of female videos. Boring is the word for the VMA 2012.