Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” Video: Review Revue

Beliebers, were you in shock and awe over Justin Bieber‘s video for “As Long As You Love Me”? Did his bed romp with lovely young actress Chanel Celaya have you shrieking with envy? Did the sight of Michael Madsen’s fists pummeling the teen crooner send you into an adolescent rage? Well, welcome to the club, pop fiends! Not only were you flabbergasted by this mature display from The B.I.E.B., so were the critics. Jump below to see our roundup of reviews for Justin’s latest water cooler-worthy visual .

:: Entertainment Weekly agrees with our sentiment that parts of Bieber’s garage-dance sequence “boldly calls to mind Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ video, plus a splash of Drive.”

:: Yikes! Warning, kiddies, says Stupid Dope: “If you are a teen girl and love Justin Bieber’s young look, I must advise that there are a lot of cinematic shots of Bieber with bruises and injuries, so beware.”

:: SugarScape quips, “…while there’s lots of long looks and broody pouting going on, there’s also plenty of El Biebo getting his dance and smooching the face off girls who definitely aren’t Selena Gomez. Awkward.”

:: The Improper notes, “The Biebs obviously wanted to do much more than make a standard music video. He’s shooting for cinematic glory.”

:: HitFix punched up this assessment: “Marching toward his 20s, it’s important to grow in the maturity of material with his visuals, despite the elementary nature of this particular composition. However, some parents may find ‘As Long As You Love Me’ a too violent for their little princesses.”

:: Terra.com feels Bieber wants to be seen as a “badass,” but says they’re “not sure if we buy it though. He has such fine facial features and is still scrawny…it’s impossible to ‘believe’ that he is so tough.”

:: Ology promises, “Are you a little bit older and love Justin but don’t get all teenybopper about it? Do you roll your eyes when your friends send you pictures of how hot he is? Well, you will be joining them after seeing this one.”

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