Rita Ora Does ‘GQ’ UK, Says Jay-Z Told Her To Be Like Chris Martin

Rita Ora is a naughty little minx in her recent shoot for the UK edition of GQ‘s September issue. The photo spread has the 21-year-old Brit playfully lifting up her colorful dress, licking a giant lollipop and giving the us quite an eyeful with her unzipped jacket. And in her interview with the men’s quarterly, the ORA siren shares the best advice she ever received from mentor Jay-Z: “Have you seen Chris Martin perform? You know it’s just literally him on a stage? And he just rocks it out’… ‘You don’t need dancers and stuff around you.’”

And what about the constant comparisons to another Hova protege, Rihanna? Rita takes it in stride. “I see the resemblence a bit, like, in the face,” the pop star admits. “And if she’s beautiful, you know, ‘look-wise’, then yeah, okay, I’m beautiful, too.”

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  • andrew

    It’s not “literally” just Chris Martin on stage…he’s got 3 others in his band, plus a huge and colorful lighting/laser setup.

  • danny

    Rita seems to be bouncing around now because Rihanna is done with her album. She might pop out maybe one more song and than magically Rita will pop in to temporarily fill Rihanna’s void when she records another CD. Same looks, same act, same music, same styles, same makeup, same swag, same label.