Frank + Derol “Barely Love You Too” In New Track Featuring Miley Cyrus’ Sister

Billy Ray Cyrus has blessed the music world with more than just his “Achy Breaky Heart.” He also gave us his talented daughters! The lesser-known (for now) Brandi Cyrus forms up one half of Frank + Derol with Codi Caraco, who provides the lead vocals on their glistening new track “Barely Love You Too.” Frank + Derol craft their own distinct sound, forgoing Miley Cyrus‘ country twang for a minimalist indie-pop sensibility, crooning: “Every heart I’ve owned, I’ve had to give it back.” Hear it below.

Frank + Derol — “Barely Love You Too”

There’s a certain darkness to the track that suggests Frank + Derol might have much more up their sleeves than high-fructose melodies. That said, they clearly know their way around a hook: no less an authority than Neon Gold calls it “one of the best written pop songs we’ve heard this year”, and we’re not going to disagree. There’s a glimmer of something truly great here.

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