David Archuleta, Niki & The Dove, Sixpence None The Richer: The Drop

Aug 7th, 2012 // 19 Comments
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It’s Tuesday, that time in the week when we get to enjoy new album releases — and another episode of our original video series Soundbytes. Today we’re debuting a new segment called “The Drop,” where we’ll be highlighting the biggest releases in the pop universe. This week the music gods have brought us new tunes from David Archuleta (Begin.), our Popping Up-spotlighted band Niki & The Dove (Instinct) and that late-’90s teen flick soundtrack staple, Sixpence None The Richer (Lost In Transition). Find out which ones are worth your hard-earned money above.

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  1. aubri

    LOL if people skipped songs just because they were covers, then Glee would never sell a thing again. And millions of Youtube hits on covers would have to go to taking cats instead ;p
    I listened to Archie’s new album — his voice is pretty stellar in it. Love.

    That video from AI is still hilario though.

  2. shera

    Archuleta’s album is awesome

  3. Pascaleeiam

    Actually, I had never heard Angel before. And David puts his own spin on all the songs. There’s no one I’d rather hear sing, to be honest, covers or not.

  4. Elcie

    Thanks for your review of David’s BEGIN. album. Though I respectfully disagree with the assessment to skip this album. The covers and arrangements are very well produced and David has never sounded better. This album is uplifting and brimming with emotion. Something lacking in most pop radio “hits”. For those who enjoy great vocals without overproduction I highly recommend this album.

  5. I love David Archuleta’s BEGIN. Apparently some others do too since it’s the #9 POP album on iTunes today. I love his voice and he chose covers he cares about. And his original song Broken is stunning. We didn’t even expect a whole album before his mission, but in the 10 weeks before his 2-year mission David left us a 5-week miniseries as leading man and two beautiful albums (BEGIN., and Forevermore which was recorded in the Philippines). So much beautiful stuff. BTW David is DavidArchie on Twitter – he cannot use Twitter on his mission so his manager Kari is updating it for him, including bits from David’s mission emails. David has a wonderful fanbase. His official site and fansites remain open and we’ll be here when he returns. #DA2014

    • carmie

      That’s right! we are here when David Archuleta comes back. His Begin album is just BEAUTIFUL, and if you did not hear David’s music yet, go ahead and try this one, you’ll be amaze of how talented this young man is plus how sweet and gorgeous he is inside and out.

  6. sam

    BROKEN was written by him? It’s the most beautiful song I have ever heard since BEAUTIFUL by Christina Aguilera. Such a talented musician and vocalist at a young age. He puts so many singers to shame.

  7. caitlyn

    i usually like you guys but couldn’t disagree more about David Archuleta’s album, BEGIN., it’s awesome… and his original song “Broken” is NOTHING like Josh Grobin …kinda wish you’d done your review in sign language so we could’ve heard more of it in the background, lol

  8. DAmusiclover

    I wish some of these reviewers would do their homework. I’d be shocked if you listened to the whole CD. And if you did, the time you spent on David’s mission announcement and a 4 yr. old youtube video could have been used for a constructive critique.

    Anyway, no press is bad press as they say. Thanks? lol

  9. Kayyyyytee

    Daaaaaaamn. Don’t rile up those Archie fans. Meeyow.

    Erika, I think you’re spot on. I would follow you blindly into a cave full of rabid mountain lions.

  10. favulare

    please. i’m not much of an archuleta fan and i couldn’t care less about the album itself, but your notion on covers is ignorant, and this line of thinking is the reason why pop is the way it is today. american pop culture in general seems to have a thing with people churning out “original” content by the numbers but with no quality whatsoever because there’s a stigma associated with doing covers that devalues an artist simply because he doesn’t write the content and is therefore less relevant. what most of these people don’t realize is, most ‘artists’ of today don’t HAVE anything interesting to talk about in their own words and experiences, so they would rather sing content tailored for them by songwriters. there’s nothing wrong with that. in fact, i support people re-emphasizing the message given by GOOD music.

    it’s no wonder why we have all of these forgettable dance-pop tracks produced by mediocre pop and r&b stars of today. every other country is just fine with covers, but oh, not us.

  11. Strange review. I love cover songs, provided they’re done well and believe me, David does them well. This album is beautiful.

  12. rose

    The new song, “Broken” with music by David himself is worth the price of the album. It is without a doubt the best song on it and the rest of the songs are beautiful…….. when David sings them. This album is beautiful and so is “Forevermore” Those love songs on that album are done with real emotion and feeling and that’s what David does best.

  13. rose

    Why do they never count all of David’s albums? These are the names of all the albums David has done:
    , David Archuleta
    The Other Side of Down
    Christmas from the Heart
    Glad Christmas Tidings (with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

  14. dana

    I love David’s new album BEGIN. Skip it? hell no! I should have skipped this stupid review instead.

    • Kathy

      Loved your comment…cracked me up…everyone is right. She never listened to the album. just read what someone told her to read. This album was beautiful. He’s a good person, not tainted by the world the music industry likes ronchy stuff without a message, auto-tuned over produced crap. Here to day gone tomorrow. David’s music runs through the veins.

  15. dana

    I doubt that bitch even listened to the album.

  16. Marylee_DAangel

    Very disappointed that the writer would flippantly say “skip this album”..wonder if she even listened? Covers are meant to be “revived” ~ artists have an opportunity to put their own stamp on them & allows us to “re-visit” why we liked them in the first place. Additionally, it is a tribute to the original artist. David let us know in a video blog prior to his departure that he selected these covers because they are near to his heart & helps to explain why he made the decision to go on his Mission. He finds it important for his fans to understand & that means so much to us. One last note: while listening to these beautiful covers, first thing that popped out at me was how fresh they are. David has a way of making each song “new” again & I think this album is simply INCREDIBLE. I encourage everyone to buy a copy & enjoy these heartfelt songs all over again. David does them PROUD!

  17. I skipped your video review instead.
    Music is derivative, passed down through generations, made fresh again by a different artist. David is not the first singer to interpret others’ songs! Have you forgetten what Whitney Houston did for Dolly Parton’s simple little love song “I Will Always Love You?!” Not to mention countless other classics that have been revived or reinvented by artists and groups who love the songs. I love Begin. I love David Archuleta’s voice and his heartfelt interpretations of these songs, including his original “Broken.” David knows his fans love the covers he’s brought to life during live performances, and chose to do some of his favorites on a cd that reflects where his head was at before leaving on his two yr. mission…I appreciate this. IMHO, to pass up anything by such a uniquely gifted singer is to really miss something.

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