Rihanna Dropped By Nivea For Being Too Sexy

Rihanna‘s endorsement deal with skincare brand Nivea has been cut short. The “We Found Love” singer has appeared in a series of advertisements for the brand in celebration of its 100th anniversary, and the company even sponsored her 2011 tour. But Stefan Heidenreich, the new head of Nivea’s parent company Beiersdorf, has found no love for Rihanna, and has dropped her as the face of the brand.

“The advert starring Rihanna was a no go,” he told the German media. “I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.” 

We’re not sure how RiRi’s public persona goes against the values of “trust, family and reliability”. What he probably meant to say was, “Rihanna is unashamed of enjoying sex and has a healthy, confident attitude about her body, and for that she should be punished.”

Rihanna, as usual, has run out of fucks to give, tweeting out a photo of Heidenreich with the statement, “No caption necessary.” Also: “Poor dat,” more than likely tweeted sarcastically. And then she went back to enjoying her never-ending vacation, because brushing drama off her shoulders is what RiRi does best.

Though her deal with Nivea helped propel her onto Forbes‘ list of the wealthiest celebrities under 30, we doubt Rihanna will suffer financially, since Vita Coco and Armani are more than happy to be associated with her untrustworthy, anti-family, and unreliable face.

[Via MTV Rap-Fix]

  • KC Erin

    Brands these days attempt to be so squeaky clean they’re unreal. @caycehill

    • Truth

      I don’t know which TV adverts you watch but here in the UK the adverts have become overtly sexual . Why on earth do you need a naked man advertising pork? or a couple rubbing each other to advertise D&G??

  • Dictionary.com

    Hmm … do the lyrics to “S&M” and “Birthday Cake” seem like “family” values to you? Constantly leaking topless photos? That’s not a “healthy, confident attitude,” that’s acting like a slut to sell albums.

    Rihanna may feel the need to act like this to sell her records, but Nivea and other brands need to be “squeaky clean” to sell their own products.

    Is it too late to bring back the old Idolator with chart analysis and underground record reviews instead of “Top 5 Reasons We Want to See Step Up 4″ or “Pictures of Katy Perry Riding a Bike”?

    • Becky Bain

      The new Idolator has chart analysis posts and album reviews in addition to “Top 5 Reasons We Want To See Step Up 4″ and “Pictures Of Katy Perry Riding A Bike.”

      • Fail

        The current “chart analysis” is usually just a listing of the top ten albums or songs on Thursday, when Billboard has already released that the day before. In the past, every week Idolator would look at movements on both the main and genre charts with lots of random but fun and interesting trivia, trends, etc. I mean, is this what’s being passed of as “analysis”?


  • Ron

    Rihanna is dropped for being too sexy…I guess no one wants to sell the products that are being advertised…I am curious who will be chosen to pitch these products next and how sexy will that star be???

  • rosecourt

    Rihanna’s pubic persona is great for selling records and being a rebel is accepted in the music industry. Nivea has every right to decide who they want to represent their products and brand image and if Rih Rih doesn’t match that so be it. BTW since when is posting pics of yourself smoking weed, going topless and being overly sexual been associated with family values? Good call Nivea. Rihanna ain’t hurting for money and obviously doesn’t give a crap that she was dropped so what’s the issue here?

  • ninarose

    Well if the weed smoking leaked pics continue to flourish I’m sure more dropping will continue.

  • rivs

    For enjoying sex though, what? This article is dripping with biases, guys do you realize that half of America does not approve of sex before marriage? I mean why do you think women use birth control? So they don’t have a baby, because that will let your parents know that you were having sex, its only ok to have a baby when you are married. In our society its ok to do things like having sex with boyfriends and multiple partners as long as you are not open about it. Keeping it behind closed doors. Its taboo, Nivea is not and will not applaud her for being open about it, in an ideal world parents have the intention for kids to wait until marriage.

  • Writesmylife Story

    I don’t recall Nivea ever having anyone as the face of their company being as out of control as Ri..Nivea can have whomever they want as the face and whomever they feel does not market the brand they sell should be dropped!

    And as a writer, I will comment about the writer of this article’s decision to interpret the Head of the Nivea parent company’s statement as to why Ri was dropped. It’s one thing to state whether or not the company does stand for “trust, family and reliability” but it’s another to just go and give your version of what the man had said. Hopping from one man to the next should not be something the world needs to accept..we all don’t..many believe in waiting for marriage or at least being in a stable relationship with one person. The company shouldn’t have to stand for one thing and then have someone like Ri as the face..

  • Cala_Lily

    The next person will be Megan Fox

  • Spencer Ellis Norman

    “Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.”

    …nigga, yall sell acne cream, wtf. Its cool you wanna kick out Rhianna for her image, but dont try to make yourself seem so damn important. You sell skincare products, thats it.

  • Tia WalkingbyFaith Vinson

    I am definitely with Rihanna…a young girl should never be held at the sole responsibility at teaching a family moral and values and what not…who is Rihanna…the First Lady? No she is not…She is a young, vivaciously vibrant, and vigorous young lady…She supposed to be having fun, making mistakes, laughing, playing…if you want to teach values, moral and that nonsense…Maybe be Nivea should look for Mother Theresa, or the Queen of England, not some young Pop Singer.

    • Jason

      As a celebrity you have a moral responsibility to uphold.These nowadays celebs just ghetto and nasty.No role model for kids.It’s just sickening…

  • truth teller….

    what’s amazing to me is how this story took off and made the rounds without it being a bit of truth. the only truth in this article is the fact that rihanna no longer is the face of nivea. what’s not true is the notion that she got fired regardless to what is being said.

    rihanna signed a one year contract with nivea that went from may 2011 – may 2012 so her one year deal was up…. her not representing the company has very little to do with her image being too sexy or over the top or none of the other nonsense being pushed. nivea even released a statement to the fact that they had a one year contract and it was fulfilled. why folks continue to push this crap about rihanna being so out of control and over the top that it’s costing her deals and stopping her career but it needs to stop…..

  • jonny rocket

    she is GHETTO! women don’t like that. nivea sales PLUMMETED after they signed her.

  • Candice Georgia

    As much as I love Rihanna and her easy breezy attitude I have to agree with Nivea. Riri’s image and Nivea does not coincide… Armani yes, Vita Coco yes b/c she’s uber sexy and it doesnt subtract from those brands…for both it helps sell…for Nivea (mothers, babies, children) that target audience, it will not help sell. That’s just common sense.

  • Koga Herbals

    Wait, Rihanna was in Nivea Ads? i never noticed, love their shampoo though

  • Jason

    At least there’s still somethings in society today with class and decency.

  • Daria Gunderson

    Rihanna may feel the need to act like this to sell her records, but Nivea and other brands need to be “squeaky clean” to sell their own products.


  • sassafire

    folks i think you’re all missing the boat here. just look at the ad nivea did of her. if she can appear naked to promote their skin product by exposing her in such a senual way why should they be able to fire her for what she does on her own time? is that not a bit hypocritical? or is hypocrit a good family value…..again