Deadmau5 Reveals ‘Album Title Goes Here’ Tracklist, Release Date

“Im going to unplug for a wee bit,” EDM producer deadmau5 wrote in a Tumblr post just a few days ago. “Which doesnt mean im cancelling any upcoming shows or anything, im just gunna slam on the breaks for a bit and force myself to endure some quiet time. in that time, obviously the gears will still be moving, ill still be writing, and the releases will still come out (heads up for something crazy real soon like) and yeah.”

That “something” did indeed come “crazy real soon like”. Today (August 9) the Toronto-based DJ unveiled the album cover and tracklisting for the cheekily-named new LP, >album title goes here<, out September 25. Guests on the new record, his follow-up to 2010’s 4×4=12, include Cypress Hill, Imogen Heap and My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way. Not collaborating with deadmau5 anytime soon: Madonna. Head below for the tracklisting.

deadmau5 – >album title goes here<

1. Superliminal 2. Channel 42 3. The Veldt (featuring Chris James) 4. Fn Pig 5. Professional Griefers (featuring Gerard Way) 6. maths 7. There might be coffee 8. Take care of the proper paperwork 9. Closer 10. October 11. Sleepless 12. Failbait (featuring Cypress Hill) 13. Telemiscommunications (featuring Imogen Heap) 

Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) was recently named the sixth highest-paid DJ by Forbes, earning $11.5 million annually. He came in right before DJ Pauly D, who somehow manages to earn $11 million a year spinning records in clubs. You’d think $11.5 mil a year would keep a smile on your face, but we’d just be depressed if we knew a Jersey Shore alum was making only half a million less than us for fist-pumping in front of a turntable.