Lana Del Rey: Listen To Three New Songs Off ‘Born To Die: Paradise Edition’

Earlier today we highlighted Lana Del Rey‘s original demo of “Ghetto Baby”, available on the “Paradise” edition of the singer’s Born To Die rerelease. Three more tunes off the updated LP (scheduled to drop this November) have surfaced for your listening pleasure, and Lana must’ve been watching a lot of America’s Most Wanted during the creative process with tracks like “Serial Killer” (“I murder love in the night, watching them fall one by one” sings Lana, calling herself “a sociopath” with a fondness for Cherry Cola) and the hip-hop-leaning “Summer Of Sam” (a reference to the “Son Of Sam” murders in 1977) with Del Rey declaring that she runs N-Y-C.

Then there’s “Ooh Baby”, which is all over the place musically and tonally, Del Rey sounding her most infant-like while sing-talking about her Diet Coke. Lana really likes her soft drinks, huh? Listen to all three below.

Lana Del Rey – “Serial Killer”

Lana Del Rey – “Ooh Baby”

Lana Del Rey – “Summer Of Sam”

  • howiet1971

    I doubt very much these are from the new release; they are old demos. You have chosen to ignore the fact the 4 demos were leaked, one of which is ‘Ghetto baby’ which has been given to Cheryl Cole and is on he rnew album, and is in turn a reworking of Lana’s demo ‘Match Made in Heaven’.
    Poor reporting here…

    • howiet1971

      In fact after hardly any investigation at all, songs Summer of Sam, and Ooh Baby have been known about by fans for nearly a year.
      These ARE old demos… tut tut.

  • ahealthymedium

    Old or new tracks, it’s still great music. But thank you for pointing that out @howiet1971. They were up on Soundcloud until the download max was reached. I reposted them here if you want them:

  • howiet1971

    I know I was appearing pedantic and that wasn’t my intention, but if people were to think these songs were the quality of her new stuff it would be harmful. As unreleased demos, they are fantastic for fans to have, but it’s important to state that they are not ‘new’ material. Thats not to say finished different versions couldn’t appear on the Paradise edition, but I doubt it.
    And thanks “ahealthymedium”, appreciated.