Snoop Dogg Gets Paris Hilton To Drink Her First 40 Oz. Beer

paris hilton 40
Watch Paris Slum It
A socialite like Paris Hilton is obviously more used to champagne and Grey Goose martinis than a 40 oz. beer, but when in Snoop Dogg country, you do as the Snoop Doggs do. (Or Snoop Lions. Whatever.) The sometimes-songstress stopped by the Doggfather’s tongue-in-cheek “news” program GGN to discuss her fame and attitude toward the Hilton haters out there (we’ve met one or two) before drinking it off, lowbrow-style. (Perhaps fueling a “Drunk Text” or two later?)

“I’m a girl! I don’t drink beer!” Paris briefly chirped before showing she was game to down whatever Snoop offered: “If Snoop offers you any kind of drink, or anything, you have to do it.”

All in all Paris was a good sport and clearly isn’t taking herself too seriously. (Though palling around with Snoop Dogg probably makes it hard to take anything very seriously.) We’d have a 40 with her any day.

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  • Ademer Reidee

    How many times do we have to hear this oh wow Paris drank a 40 with Snoop! Oh wow is that like waching a purple elephant stand on it’s hind legs? Blow out the candle already. I think people would be more facinated if she rolled a blunt nd stuck it up her culo

  • Kerry

    So are we not calling him Snoop Lion now? I’m confused.