Azealia Banks Unleashes New Track “Succubi”

And here we were, just wondering why there weren’t more major artists dropping tracks named after demons who invade your dreams to seduce you! The ever-provocative Azealia Banks has unleashed the hard-hitting “Succubi,” a dark, angry rap targeted at fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones, one of several artists Azealia has found beef with. Hear it below.

“It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch,” Azealia raps at the end of the track in one of several clear swipes at her fellow New Yorker.

So what is the beef over, anyway? The word “vamp,” apparently — you can read more about that at MTV. (Honestly, we don’t have the energy.)

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  • Josh

    Her monotonous rapping is boring me, always a nice flow, but big deal when you have the worst delivery in the game.
    cant see her making it big, she really doest have anything going for her

    • Jace

      Have to agree with you there. I don’t think I’ve actually enjoyed anything enough to replay it since 212. The addiction of that song was its mainstream appeal, without the typical David Guetta/RedOne recycled dance trash – it was pure addictive house with rap.

      Everything else to me has sounded very low quality, which is weird since it’s very likely she received a larger budget since 212. For someone who is dressing more like Nicki, yet likes to diss her – she really has no chance in ‘beating’ her at ‘the game’ if she really wants to become a hip hop mainstream star. Nicki has a flow that is mainstream and urban appeal.



  • lili

    murdered that fag wit his koofi

  • Rayvone Laßrew

    (Idolator please respond) Scubbi was teased way before she got into beef with Jim Jones. Even so, she said “It takes a Harlem bitch to execute a Harlem bitch” meaning it takes someone from harlem to kill someone from harlem, how could the song be directed to jim jones if he himself is from harlem, if anything the song is beef with Iggy Azelea/Nicki Minaj/T.I.