Nicki Minaj And 2 Chainz Rap A Touching Ode To Pole-Dancers In “I Luv Dem Strippers” Video

nicki minaj strippers
Take A Twirl Around The Pole With Nicki & 2 Chainz
Strippers never get the respect they deserve, do they? Here to make sure these hard-working ladies don’t go unsung is 2 Chainz, joined by his “Beez in the Trap” buddy Nicki Minaj for a night of money, cash, hoes (and driving around in a foreign car). “Menopause, hot flash / Yes that’s why I’m crowned queen / And I ain’t lookin’ for a prom king / These hoes careers ain’t promising / Killing these bitches, crime scene!” Nicki raps when she gets full reign over the latter half of the track, spanking strippers and throwing large bills like the best of  ‘em (while also looking quite like a pole-dancer herself).

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  • Rock Crawford

    The thing is, Nicki is a very talented rapper, but the pool of available hip-hop/rap artists around her are so unskilled and terrible that she often settles for less & it’s a damn shame. This song/video is a perfect example of that.

  • Cinthakid

    Two chains verse was alright Nikki’s was better or maybe it was her delivery

  • Josh

    ^^you’re both so right, this is an example of a really good rapper just toiling in the slums of hip-hop, 2 chains is actually pretty terrible