Rihanna Cries Over Losing Her “Best Friend” Chris Brown In Oprah Interview

If you thought Rihanna‘s interview with the Queen of Talk was going to go by without a mention of that Chris Brown fiasco, well, you have clearly not watched enough Oprah Winfrey interviews in your lifetime. Already we’ve learned that Oprah was surprised at how “vulnerable” RiRi is, and this might be what caused her to say it — a tearful Rihanna confessing: “I lost my best friend.” (Which is sad and all, but next time, maybe choose a BFF who isn’t quite such a jerk.)

“I was resentful. I held a grudge. I was dark,” RiRi confesses, like that’s a bad thing. (Hey, we liked Rated R!) Since these clips are teased out of context, we can only assume (along with everyone else) that is, in fact, a reference to the 2009 beating from then-boyfriend Chris Brown that first engendered a lot of sympathy for the pop star, then caused her some flack this year when it seemed the two had reconciled as friends.

We expect Oprah will get to the bottom of this when the full interview airs August 19.