Miley Cyrus To Guest Star On ‘Two And A Half Men’

Miley Cyrus has a new look, and a new TV gig. The 19-year-old singer-actress will guest star on several upcoming episodes of the CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men, reports E! Online. Cyrus will play a love interest to the “half man” Jake Harper, played by Angus T. Jones, and her character has been described as “sexy” and “rife with comedy”, two qualities we know Miley can pull off with no problem. The big question is: will she don a wig for the role, or will her new pixie cut get some screen time?

  • Amber Escobedo

    I never thought that hair style was her i saw it as a mask. Even when she was on Disney channel i always thought shes going to become a rebel. When i saw these pictures i was like, ” finally we get to see her real self!” I think its inspirational, she stopped caring about what other people thought and found herself. One other thing the people who write rude things about it, grow up because i bet your wearing a mask but your to afraid to open up so shut up. Miley good job!!! :D Now you are a true role model, meaning we all need to get in that mind set and be happy and not care what people think

    • Amber Escobedo


      • JAYCEE

        i love what you seid AMBER :) i think tha ppl need to shut up and grow up i mean like come on….. and it just goes to show you guys who ever. the ppl telling this to her are just mad because you cant be her :) and just goes to show your a truly stupid bitch and need to get your own lifes and stay out of mileys and leave her the HELL ALONE

  • bianca

    hate it