No Doubt Have ‘Billboard’ Covered

No Doubt pack up on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard, the inside profile detailing the SoCal pop-rock band’s return after an 11-year hiatus during which dance-pop and EDM have taken over the charts and the airwaves.

“We would’ve loved for it to come out sooner,” Gwen Stefani says of the album’s original release date of late 2011. “At the same time, we realized that the people that care about us, that have given us our lives, are out there waiting for us, so what does it matter if it’s a month here or a month there? As long as we make the record of our lives that we are so proud of. Otherwise, why put something out?”

Their profile provides a bit of insight on some other tracks on the LP, namely the title track “Push And Shove”, a collaboration between the band and electronic outfit Major Lazer: “It opens with a giant, wall-shaking dancehall beat that abruptly shifts into a dubstep-like breakdown for the chorus, with Stefani trading verses with Jamaican rapper Busy Signal. (“Just when you think it’s over /We’re on another level like we’re doin’ yoga,” she raps at one point.)” Dubstep? Rapping? Facepalm. [Via Billboard]