Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”: At Your Request

Aug 15th, 2012 // 1 Comment
britney spears gimme more video at your request
Britney's Giving You More!
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It’s Soundbytes, bitch! We’re serving up a big, delicious serving of your music video wants and needs in our latest installment of At Your Request. On the menu today, as if you couldn’t tell from the headline, is a Britney Spears classic from five years ago. Has it really been that long since Brit pranced around the pole, working out all her demons in her first single from Blackout? Take a trip down recent-memory lane as we break down “Gimme More” — all at the behest of our friends at MTV News!

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  1. Andy

    Also in the original concept of the video, Britney literally wanted to burry the “blonde Britney”, a departure from her former pristine pop princess image thus making the raven-haired Britney a lot more symbolic/meaningful/badass, but you don’t see that in the leaked version. Makes the video a tad more interesting and adds to the dark tone/message of Blackout as Britney underwent one of the most tumultuous times in her life. BEST/MOST UNDERRATED BRITNEY ALBUM BY FAR!

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