Check Out Azealia Banks’ Banned ‘Dazed & Confused’ Cover

Aug 15th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Azealia Banks‘ cover for Dazed & Confused magazine has reportedly been banned in at least seven countries, and now we know why. The cover surfaced today, and it depicts the “Van Vogue” rapper holding an inflated pink condom to her lips as though she were smoking a cigar.

“Just been told our upcoming @AZEALIABANKS cover has been banned from 7 countries so far,” read a tweet off the mag’s Twitter feed last week. “Thank God for the Internet, huh?” The MC is pretty excited about everyone able to see her cover, tweeting out, “YAY!! THE DAZED AND CONFUSED COVER FEATURING MOI HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!”

The so-called “controversial” cover is tame enough for us to post right here without censoring it, or even putting it behind a jump. Do you think the ban was unnecessary, particularly since people were going to view the image anyway on the web?


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