3OH!3′s “You’re Gonna Love This” Video: Crazy Vegas Games… And Tom Cruise?

Aug 15th, 2012 // 2 Comments
3oh!3 you're gonna love this video
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Obnoxious pop duo 3OH!3 return with a new single and video for “You’re Gonna Love This”, off their upcoming album Omens. The group’s last offering was 2010′s mostly ignored Streets Of Gold, and in the two years since, they’ve had LMFAO, Cobra Starship and Ke$ha steal the spotlight in the irony-loving-booze-guzzling-party-rocking niche of dance-pop. So where does that leave them? In the case of “You’re Gonna Love This” (a song title that comes off like a plea), it leaves them desperately attempting to play catch up.

The video doesn’t exactly help band members Nate Motte and Sean Foreman make a grand comeback — filmed in the adult playground that is Las Vegas, the boys’ immature competition of “making baskets” in various incarnations is a ho-hum concept and waste of a great location, and the random ending with a Tom Cruise impersonator (on the hunt for a new Mrs. Cruise after his Katie Holmes break-up) just seems like a failed attempt to remain current. (Plus, hello! Everyone’s talking about the drama with Robsten now, guys. Keep up.)


  1. nottlikingthis

    who ever wrote this …. , is an idiot

  2. Harry

    It’s a good and with a good video and your being far too bitter

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