Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Heading For Huge First-Week Sales

Taylor Swift may have kissed off an ex with lead Red single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, but she’s finding lots of love with the music-buying public this week. Billboard is updating its initial projection for the song’s first-week sales, noting that it could move between 500,000 and 600,000 paid downloads out of the gate. (That’s up from the 400,000 figure originally mentioned earlier in the week.)

Lady Gaga currently holds the title of having the largest debut for a digital song by a woman in history, after “Born This Way” arrived with 448,000 last year. (Of course, Gaga achieved this in only three days, as her single went on sale on a Friday.)

For now “We Are Never…” has made a modest debut at #72 on the new Hot 100 chart published today (based only only two days of airplay). But it’s safe to say that next week’s chart will be a much different story, and Taylor may just have unleashed an official back to school anthem.