T.I.’s “Go Get It” Video: A Tale Of Two Rappers

Aug 16th, 2012 // Comment
ti go get it video
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T.I. acts out his own version of The Prince And The Pauper in his new video for “Go Get It”, the new single off his forthcoming album Trouble Man. In the Alex Nazari-directed vid, we see two alternate realities to the MC’s life — one where he lives in a gold-plated mansion, dines in a great hall with a buffet of chef-prepared delicacies, and spends his evenings swimming in his giant swimming pool. The other depicts T.I. living in an urban neighborhood, hanging out at diners and barbecues, and spending quality time with his community at the public pool.

Neither lifestyle truly reflects the rapper’s real life – he’s definitely well-off nowadays, but we suspect he lives his life somewhere in the middle of both extremes. (We wouldn’t be surprised if his early days were similar to the less posh scenes of the video.) But the clip shows that the cars, the clothes and the digs might differ, but no matter the state of his bank account, he’s still the same old T.I.

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