Lil Wayne Reveals Fan-Made ‘Dedication 4’ Mixtape Cover

Lil Wayne‘s Dedication 4 mixtape might be pushed back a week, but at least we get a look at the album’s creative cover. Weezy fan Jesse Diebolt designed the artwork, which features a cartoon version of Wayne holding a skateboard. (Looks like even the animated version of the MC favors skateboarding over rapping.)

Dedication 4 was originally scheduled to drop August 15, but Wayne decided to hold off so that he wouldn’t steal any of the spotlight away from his homie 2 Chainz, who dropped his debut album this week (t0 less than stellar reviews). Not to mention the fact that Weezy’s mixtape isn’t even finished yet. “I ain’t even gonna lie. I didn’t even finish that motherfucker,” he admitted in an online video. “I’ve been skating and shit, falling and breaking shit, and all that type of shit. But I give it to you like next week.” Anyone else not exactly looking forward to a mixtape put out by a rapper who would rather be doing anything other than rapping?