Melanie Amaro Releases New Ballad “Love Me Now”: Listen

We have a sneaking suspicion that no one knows what to do with Melanie Amaro. After winning the inaugural US season of The X Factor, the big-voiced singer was given a techno version of an Aretha Franklin song to sing, shilled Burger King during the Super Bowl, and then disappeared. Earlier this month, we finally got wind of her debut single, the forgettable “Don’t Fail Me Now”, complete with generic inspirational messages and an unnecessary electro breakdown. Today we get “Love Me Now” — why is Melanie always insisting we do things right “now”? Give us a minute! — and at best, it’s another personality-lacking, repetitive slow jam where she’s practically belting the whole song. Can someone please save this girl’s career before it starts?

Listen to “Love Me Now” below.

Melanie Amaro – “Love Me Now”

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