Owl City Song “Metropolis” From ‘The Midsummer Station’: Idolator Premiere

With just one more day to go before the release of Owl City‘s new album The Midsummer Station (pre-order on iTunes here), we’re giving Adam Young’s fans an early listen to the track “Metropolis”. It’s a soaring number brimming with warm synths and a stomping beat that Young produced himself and co-wrote with his friend Matthew Thiessen of Relient K (who also wrote OC’s chart-topping 2009 smash “Fireflies” with Adam).

“Like a hijacked plane, or a runaway train, or a speeding bullet / there’s no stopping this, I left my heart in Metropolis,” Young sings on the string-laden “Metropolis”.

“Metropolis” is just one of 11 songs on Owl City’s fourth LP The Midsummer Station, which also contains his current Top 20 pair-up with Carly Rae Jepsen, “Good Time”, and the four tracks that appeared on this past spring’s Shooting Star EP (including “Take It All Away”, which we premiered here on Idolator).

See how we rated The Midsummer Station on The Drop:


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  • Amy-Jane Hartley

    Amazing song!!!

  • Mememe

    Woot First Comment!!!

  • Mememe

    DARN IT nevermind I wasn’t first
    oh well, OWL CITY STILL ROCKS!!!!

  • Court

    This song really feels like Owl City!!! I love it.

  • Darin

    It is spelled “Relient K” not “Reliant K”.

  • Chris

    amazing .. OWL CITY █▀█ █▀█ █▀ █▄▀
    …………………………………█▀▄ █▄█ █▄ █▀▄

  • Joyboy

    Adam, you lose your heart..
    this song is too common, too commercial.

    i will wait you make a new song as beautiful as Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies.

    • Hootowl

      Ya know. I’ve never heard a song like this on the radio or anything before. Ever. This is even more beautiful than Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies. He has matured so much from that. Close your eyes and REALLY listen to the music. I feel you will enjoy it much more. xx

  • Gigio

    Now that’s what I call awesomeness ;) haha! Go Owl City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riley

    Adam, this is the best song on the new album. It’s so beautiful and the violins at the beginning are perfect.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, and I can’t wait for The Midsummer Station tomorrow.
    And hopefully, the next album will be even better.

  • Lisa Marie Deleveaux

    You have such talent, I love all of your songs, I cannot seem to have a favorite that my mind, heart, and ears can endear. You’re so amazing, I cannot wait for your new album tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see you live in a couple of weeks, quite of a blessing. Love ya! xx

  • Sky

    The same warmth as the first Owl City’s songs, a really beautiful song, thanks Adam! c:

  • Elie

    OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Will

    I love the Euro-trance feel that this song has. It reminds me of Galaxies from All Things Bright and Beautiful.