Whatcha Say: Taylor’s “Never”, Miley’s Cut & Lady Gaga’s Fur Got Our Readers Talking This Week

From Lady Gaga wearing a fur coat and Miley Cyrus chopping her hair off to Lana Del Rey‘s Glamour cover and Taylor Swift‘s new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, our readers had plenty to say this week. Head below to take in our weekly roundup of reactions to the pop happenings over the past seven days!

:: MusicSoul took Mother Monster to task on Lady Gaga Issues Letter Addressing Her Fur Use & Calls Kim Kardashian Fabulous: “Hypocritical? yes. The Fame has definitely changed Gaga. Calling skinned animal a piece of art is insulting, insensitive, and disrespectful. That ‘piece of art’ did not consent to being slaughtered and skinned for your viewing/wearing pleasure. Gaga should’ve left that ‘You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance’ out from her statement. Makes her sound like a sell-out in the name of fashion/art.”

:: guysee offered up this idea: “She should have skinned her Little Monsters.”

:: jr39 won’t be stealing the look from Miley Cyrus Cuts Off Her Hair: “Looks horrible! Her former look was sophisticated and terrific. This defies describing in polite terms.”

:: MRKtheSwiftie also had a swift response: “It’s her hair, she can do whatever she wants with it…but…no.”

:: Jed found things to be complicated on Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”: Listen To Her New Song: “I love Taylor Swift and the song is catchy but I just can’t help but think of Avril Lavigne when I hear this song. From the ‘weeee’ in the chorus to the adolescent title….it’ll certainly be a big hit for Taylor…maybe she’ll release a more country version?”

:: Fan4me is a fan of the song, though: “This song is amazing!! I love that she’s going more pop, cause her songwriting is great for the genre. A lot of pop songs don’t have much meaning behind them, but Taylor can change that if her cleverly-written songs keep becoming pop hits.”

:: LMG also weighed in, on Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”: Review Revue: “‘Never, ever’ liked her as I like my singers to actually be able to carry a note (not less a song) but as much as I hate to admit it, it is catchy and will apeal to the same age as her songs did when she first showed up. So…win win for her.”

:: Tom O’Sullivan hearts it: “The catchiest Song in the WORLD at the moment :) She created the perfect pop song without completely leaving her country roots! Let’s just hope Taylor’s mantelpiece can fit in another Grammy :P”

:: Caleb Hyles is skeptical: “A very fun song, to say the least, but if Red is twelve songs of this, than consider me supremely crestfallen.”

:: Aaron Darc chimed in on Lady Gaga Blogs About Body Issues, Madonna’s “Born This Way” Diss: “Goodness, poooor little Gaga!! I’m, like, totally crying as I type this! Not that this is really saying anything at all from her. Not that she would dare. I guess she’ll leave it at the time she bit the journalist’s head off and called him ‘retarded’. Perhaps that was enough, though. She’s just so lovely! How could you not feel sorry for her? Life on the upper east side was clearly hell for her.”

:: Kerry brought up the rear on Lana Del Rey Goes Floral For German Glamour: “Not too crazy about the cover shot. Looks kind of Forrest Gump-y. But the bottom one is hot”

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