Kanye West’s “Runaway” Ballet Dancers Stage A Flash Mob On A Plane

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Kanye West‘s backup ballet dancers from his 40-minute Runaway film (who also appeared with him on Saturday Night Live and at Coachella), probably because the budget for the Watch The Throne tour couldn’t include room and board for a large group of women rocking tutus. The ladies have reemerged today, in a video filmed while they were on a flight during their Australian tour. Apparently, they decided that thousands of feet in the air was the best place to stage a flash mob set to Yeezy’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single.

As the girls dance and flit about the flight, we see each of their names and hometowns pop up, a nice way to give each dancer a shout-out. We also see a bunch of normals actually try to use the amenities and walk through the aisles. Don’t they know art when they’re involuntarily confronted with it?!