Beyonce Performs “I Was Here” For World Humanitarian Day: Watch

Heeere's Bey!
The human race is in no danger of forgetting Beyonce was here for at least, say, 500 more years, but even Bey looks tiny against the giant IMAX-like screen projecting images of people helping the less fortunate all over the globe during her World Humanitarian Day performance of “I Was Here.”

World Humanitarian Day is today, people! So do your fellow man a kindness just as soon as you finish watching Bey’s awesome and powerful rendition of “I Was Here.”

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  • danny

    No. She could sell that dress and save 1,000 families.

  • Jack

    or you could just shut up.

  • mok

    Danny has a point. This song is shameless self promotion. I already heard it when the album 4 was released last year and it sounded like the most narcissistic thing ever. Now she has spun it as a ‘humanitarian’ song. Ha!! She really does depend on brainless sheep like you, Jack.

  • lindani

    Beyonce is a well know personality and she is relevent to the correct amount of people who need to be made aware of the people who do good work in the world. call it self promotion or whatever, they wont pick any tom, mok or Danny to do this. The song is not narcissistic, only to persimist. And on the whole “sell that dress” hypocracy…maybe you should not be using that computer Danny, that most likely is made from material gathered by over worked child laborers in some god-forsaken country that you didnt think of in your happiness of owning a computer. question is, what have you done for charity instead of judgung the quality of others charitable endevoures.