Jennifer Lopez To Release 3-D Concert Film ‘Dance Again’

Jennifer Lopez is bridging the gap between her music career and her film career. The pop star is currently filming her own big-screen concert film — in 3-D, obviously — that will be called Dance Again, named after her hit single with Pitbull. Jenny’s 3-D flick will not only feature live performances, but will focus on “the last few years in Jennifer’s life as she faced big changes.” (Kids, divorce, and American Idol are the “big changes” we can think of.)

Pop star concert flicks are popular now, but they aren’t necessarily a sure thing when it comes to big box-office. Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never earned $29 million its opening weekend and $73 million domestically, but his success is more the exception than the rule. Jump below for a few more figures:

Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience — $12 million opening weekend, $19 million total domesticGlee The 3-D Concert Movie — $5 million opening weekend, $11.8 million total domesticKaty Perry: Part Of Me 3-D — $7 million opening weekend, $25 million total domestic

If Katy Perry‘s 3-D whip cream bra can’t even break $30 million within a month of release, we’re not sure Jenny’s multi-dimensional derriere can do any better on the big screen. She’s not exactly a box-office draw anymore after several duds in a row (What To Expect When You’re Expecting, The Back-Up Plan, El Cantantethe list goes on.) Even her music career, which experienced a nice boost thanks to Idol, isn’t at its peak — her recently released best-of album, Dance Again… The Hits, only reached #20 on the Billboard 200.

Then again, J.Lo is a big name in Latin countries — if the US yawns at the chance of seeing her perform her club hits and get emotional over her divorce, the film might end up making the majority of its profits overseas.

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[Via THR]