The Killers’ ‘Battle Born’ Album Trailer “Mark, The Silver”: Idolator Premiere

If there’s one thing The Killers have always been great at shrouding themselves in — other than the glitz and ethos of Sin City, of course — it’s mystery. And true to this, the Vegas pop-rockers have been releasing trailers for upcoming fourth album Battle Born ahead of its September 18 release, none of which give away too terribly much as far as the sound of the album is concerned (though you’ve already heard single “Runaways” and a few other track live) — but at least they keep our curiosity firmly locked at level orange.

Today Idolator is premiering the trailer titled “Mark, The Silver”, which features Killers bassist Mark Stoermer plugging in and rocking out bass riffs against the shiny Las Vegas skyline that are sure to get all Victims amped up. Watch above.

As for why this particular preview of Battle Born bears that title, we’ll let Stoermer himself clue you in: “”Nevada is referred to as ‘The Silver State’ because of its rich silver resources.”

So there you have it. Does this latest tease have you anxious to pick up The Killers’ new LP? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!