Christina Aguilera’s Demo Of New Single “Your Body” Surfaces: Listen

We’ve been waiting to hear Christina Aguilera‘s new single “Your Body” longer than we can remember, and today the demo recording of Xtina’s collaboration with pop hitmaker Max Martin has finally surfaced. Head below to stream the song (before it inevitably gets taken down).

We’re quite surprised that Xtina picked this song as her album’s lead single, and as the song to return her to the top of the charts. It’s a mid-tempo club tune — a little too slow to dance to, though — with fairly pedestrian come-ons (“It’s true what you heard / I am a freak, I’m disturbed… We’re moving faster than slow / If you don’t know where to go, I’ll finish off on my own”).

We assume there will be an edited-for-radio version, with the key line changed to: “all I want to do is *rock* your body…” — changing key words didn’t hold back her fellow The Voice judge Cee Lo Green from winning with “F**k You” and it’s SFW edited version, which nearly topped the Billboard Hot 100.

But “Your Body” isn’t a great showcase for Aguilera’s amazing vocals, nor is it a “Here I Am!” type number that would command everyone’s attention. Honestly, after the disaster that was Bionic, we expected something a bit more exciting from Aguilera, at least for the first single. (It’s eons better — and way less embarrassing — than “Not Myself Tonight”, at least.)

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  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Christina goes with the flow which comes from nowadays pop music industry – DANCE CLUB HIT SMASH – a bit slow but very sexy with her vocals. This has its place on charts. Just better than latest offerings from Rihanna, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Thanks to Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’ pop industry is living up DANCE music – Christina’s new album will certainly finish it up until Britney paths new waves, flows and tunes on future music.

    • stopit

      I think it was Gaga who is responsible for the scurge f dance music polluting the airwaves, Britney just gollowed suit. Blackout was danceble but not a true dance record. This song is HOT. It has a strong dance element but it still sounds like a signature aguilera pop-song. She did not completely sell out like countless others, she was able to bring Max Martin to her.

      • JC

        Except Blackout came out in 2007…

      • bjs

        if it is not britney who pathed the way of dance/pop music, gaga’s road to dance music would not have been so successful. nevertheless, britney has been making dance pop records far before 2007.

        • Manuela

          She actually started doing dance music since ITZ!

    • NickyD

      Have you forgotten about 2005′s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” by Madonna? That preceded all of these new “dance” albums and still blows them out of the water! Fantastic and ORIGINAL dance tracks streamlined from beginning to end.

      Whether or not you admit it, all these other younger mainstream artists, Christina, Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, all follow the trends Madonna starts. When female performers started wearing fingerless gloves on stage, Madonna did it first. Stadium tours with multimedia displays? Madonna started that too. This dance music craze is no exception. if you haven’t listened to “Confessions,” put aside your preconceived notions and give it a shot.

      • Vladimir Movsesian

        The question is not who made it first – anything else – the question is WHO made it work for others – ‘Confessions’ is just classic dance album but it doesn’ t have such an impact as ‘Blackout’. Everybody talks about ‘Blackout” and who talks about ‘Cofessions’.
        So think deeply than discuss.

        • misty

          yeah nobody even remembers any songs from confessions on a dancefloor
          ha at the madonna stans trying to act like it was the catalyst for the dance craze

      • misty

        another madonna stan who thinks madonna invented pop music and HD screens and stadiums
        lol please why cant people just leave britney, rihanna, and gaga alone
        madonna had her time let the others do their things geez
        madonna is an icon but now its time for the new generation – stop being so bitter about who came first blah blah blah

        dance music was around waaaaaaaaaaaaay before madonna and im pretty sure madonna didnt invent stadium touring

    • misty

      you are all wrong
      it wasnt madonna, or britney, or even gaga who brought the resurgence of dance music – it was the underground dance artists who these three women were influenced by that brought dance music to the forefront
      stop acting like britneys success was based on madonnas confessions on a dance floor album and that gaga’s success was based on blackout…

      dance music was around way before these three did it in the turn of the century

      back to xtina
      i actually like it =)

  • Andy

    This is only the demo. Hopefully it’ll get a lot more treatment before we get the final product. Needless to say is that there will most definitely be awesome dance mixes. Just like You Lost Me

  • MusicSoul

    Please stop referring to Bionic as if it was a disappointment album. Although it sunk in sales, Bionic has some great fun tracks (Bionic, Not Myself Tonight, Prima Donna, Elastic Love to name a few) with some killer ballads (I Am, You Lost Me, All I need, Sex for Breakfast, and Lift Me Up). I prefer to listen to Bionic than MDNA or that Rihanna Album. People are just too biased to open up to some good music.

    The Media needs to stop bullying Christina. This track is good, and it’s catchy. I heard that the majority tracks of her new album will be ballads and introspective. 1st singles are always up-tempo for pop artists (like Mariah’s It’s Like that and We Belong Together).

    Looking forward for her ballads though. She always delivers those ballads. I still listen to all of them even ones from a decade ago (which shows the quality and lasting appeal in her music).

    • NickyD

      Well said!

    • Primarose220

      Yes Well Said Said!!!! and her voice is God given and she doesn’t take her gift for granted. She’s a true artists with edge, people always pick on the strongest of the herd. In the end she always amazes her fans and rises above those who tend to get attention for their lackluster appeal to be different and actually show a personality. True artistry is not in a Box and Mariah carey is an individual just like Christina. The melody and music wraps around their voices, it’s not the other way around. :)

  • cindy

    It’s nothing we have heard on radio or anywhere else right now!! Her vocals slay like no other and the beat so fun!! I’m glad she worked with Maroon 5 and Max Martin on Moves Like Jagger. Now her and Max created magic together!! Can’t wait to buy this when it hits iTunes and her album is going to be fun!! I can’t wait!! addicted to the ohh’s in this song!! She can do everything from pop to ballads jazz girl is mulit talented!! This is just the tip of to come in her album!! Go Christina Aguilera I want more of Your Body and music

  • nihunter

    I’ve gotta say I was really hoping for something a bit more inventive than this. What I’ve liked about Xtina since Stripped is that she leads the way with new trends in music, she doesn’t follow them, or at least she hasn’t. Bionic did have some great songs, but it wasn’t a great album because it wasn’t anything we haven’t heard. I’m hoping this song gets polished up a bit more, and that the rest of the album is more inventive. I’ll still love her either way – but Bionic was a bit disappointing to me… so I’m really hoping this isn’t Bionic round 2.

  • Ann

    I think is a great single, I love it. It’s catchy and it has it’s style. What doesn’t surprise me thought is the bashing on this site, Bionic may not be the best album ever but it was far from being a disaster as the media put it. This time around Christina has a HIT , and hatedolator ca stay mad.

  • Antonio Salazar

    Im not impressed….after Bionic flopped so hard, I was expecting something fresh, innovative, new…but this is just as generic as it can get. Not impressed at all. Hope her second single is A LOT better than this…I apply the same thing to Pink’s latest offering. Sad tbh

  • HoneyB


  • jesse

    I am not to impressed with this single. It has not show case as much Vocally i give it a solid D. Even miss Jennifer Lopez has caught up with the Trends in music Dance Music and been consistent in dance chart as well sales for U.S.

    Mariah Single is not all impressive either but her single has a nice tune.

  • Victor Atomic

    Loved Bionic. And if you go back into time…Hilary Duff (yes I said it) has one of the first true dance albums before any of them with Dignity.

    Umm she was influenced by The Faint, umm dance enough?



  • XOXO

    Sounds like a Abracadabra by Jessie J, but slower..

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    It has already stuck on my mind – PERFECT – Xtina!)
    Reminds me of ‘Gimme More’ times!!!
    On and on and on ….!!!!!

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    I’ve just realised how much I’ve missed Christina Aguilera’s voice!!
    Go Girl! Get the throne!

  • fighter

    the only bit♥♥ who deserves the throne….como on christina moves “your body”….

  • John

    I just don’t understand why people dislike Not Myself Tonight and the Bionic album. It was exactly what I wanted her to put out at that time. It is probably my second favor album of hers behind Stripped. It was definitely an upbeat fun album. So far, Your Body sounds amazing. It really sounds like a combination of Stripped, Back to Basics and Bionic. Think Dirty, AInt No Other Man and NMT all in one. Perfect!!! I think she may have found the perfect mesh with this album, at least I hope.

  • me


  • Simon

    she is doing this for herself and for her fans. from the beginning of her career she had always made a statement that she have a selfless disregard for the haters. i pity those who trash xtina. looking pathetic by bringing her down but no matter what she is still slaying. and for your information, what y’all heard is just a DEMO! so stop comparing it from the Bionic (it’s not a flop, it’s poorly promoted and sabotaged…) and save your criticism on september.

  • Norge

    I love her new song! super catchy!!

  • misty

    i like it best when she does ballads – thats her niche
    but the vocals here are banging too

  • Jean Aguilera

    OMG !!!!!! So amazing Christina Aguilera !!!!! Your are smart !!!! can’t wait to get It o Itunes !!!! Love You