50 Cent & Brevi’s “Be My Bitch” Video Is A Girl-On-Girl Affair

Aug 23rd, 2012 // 2 Comments
Fiddy Digs The Ladies Who Like Ladies
Alicia x 50 Cent
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Given 50 Cent‘s support for gay marriage, we shouldn’t be that surprised by his Sapphic new video for “Be My Bitch”, a cut off his upcoming LP Street King Immortal (out November 13). In the slow jam, which is a pair-up with singer Brevi, Fiddy informs us, “My girl got a girlfriend, I call her her plaything / Why would I complain? She’s everything to me.” That’s just the PG-13 bit. Later the headboard get to shakin’ till it starts breakin’, etc.

And of course we  can’t go without mentioning the visuals of the two girls in question romping around in bed together while clad in their finest Victoria’s Secret garb. Watch 50′s romantic (cough!) “Be My Bitch” vid above, thrill seekers!


  1. Why is Idolator promoting this homophobic creep 50 Cent? Brevi – the female who sings on this – is helping him to insult gay people. Go away, Brevi, you’re an insult to the gay community.

  2. T

    ahhh dude shut the hell up the song was nice.

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