Katy Perry Rejects $20 Million ‘American Idol’ Offer

Turns out American Idol was angling to have two pink-haired pop stars on its judges’ panel. While Nicki Minaj is reportedly in final talks for a judging spot on the FOX singing competition, the show was courting Katy Perry to the tune of $20 million for one year, according to TMZ. The initial offer was reported to be $18 million, matching Mariah Carey‘s magic number, and we can guess Carey wasn’t too happy about the slight since she apparently wants to be the only (and highest paid) female judge. So why’d the newly ginger Perry turn down the big bucks? We’d like to think she was afraid of feeling Mimi’s wrath, but Perry confidants say there’s just no room in her schedule (not surprising), and at this point the gig doesn’t fit into her career plans. Hey, picking the next sensitive white male flame-out isn’t for everyone.

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