Will.i.am’s “Reach For The Stars”: Martians Heard It, Now You Can

Is there life on Mars? And more importantly, does it like dancing? We may soon have an answer to both those questions, as will.i.am‘s “Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)” was broadcast on Mars via the Curiosity rover earlier Tuesdsay (Aug. 28) afternoon (Earth time). It’s officially the first song to be played on another planet, but up above you can listen to it in the safety of Earth’s gravitational pull.

The track is a heavily Auto-Tuned orchestral dirge that finds the lead Black Eyed Pea pondering footprints on the moon as a choir implores the listener to reach for the stars. It’s less focused than most of Will’s perfectly engineered pop creations, lacking the undeniable, overblown hooks he’s known for. And it’s very literally a change of pace, as the mid-tempo song never kicks into warp speed. If Martians like dancing, we think they’ll be a little disappointed, but if drama’s their thing (and it is, judging by every movie ever), “Reach For The Stars” delivers.

The non-Mars version of the song will appear on will.i.am’s forthcoming #willpower (Oct. 15).

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