Watch Kelly Clarkson “Shake It Out” With Florence + The Machine Cover

Aug 29th, 2012 // Comment
Kelly Clarkson cover florence machine
Kelly Shakes It Out In Jersey
"No Scrubs" For Kelly
Kelly Clarkson TLC No Scrubs Cover
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The Queen of Covers is at it again! Just days after nailing TLC‘s “No Scrubs,” vocal powerhouse Kelly Clarkson took on fellow power singer Florence Welch, doing Florence + The Machine‘s “Shake It Out” on Sunday in New Jersey. Rather than strip it down like she did with TLC’s hit, Clarkson aimed for the same thumping, anthemic arrangement Florence captured on the Ceremonials track (as if there’s any way to do Florence but “epic”).

Kelly started with a disclaimer (“If I screw this up, I’m sorry Florence and Youtube.”), but we think she did Florence proud. While she didn’t quite reach the same joyous heights during the chorus, at times the verses were so on-point that it could’ve been Florence herself singing. Keep those covers coming, Kelly!

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