Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” Is Definitely Not Embarrassing

Charli XCX‘s buddy Sky Ferreira has premiered “Everything Is Embarassing” off her forthcoming Ghost EP (Oct. 2), and it is a delightful piece of darkly cool dance-pop. Sky pleads “maybe if you let me be your lover” and spends much of the song harmonizing over haunting warped vocals, as piano plinks echo over the drum machine beat from Whitney Houston‘s  “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” The whole thing reminds us of an ornate spiderweb in a dark corner of a strobe-lit dance club. Not that we’ve ever seen such a thing. Listen to it over at Pitchfork.

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  • SamuelleClemohns

    I’m obsessed with it so far. She’s all like, test me, sissy, or dont cause I probably won’t care anyway. If I were to approach the meaning seriously, I’d say it sounds like an existential lament over the impossibility of seamless union between lovers. The longing is the consummate romance, to sate it would be to deflate the very grandiosity that attracts lovers in the first place.