Nicki Minaj Shows Waka Flocka Flame How To “Get Low”: Watch The Video

nicki minaj waka flocka
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Yep, it’s time for another Nicki Minaj video already. Between her own Roman Reloaded singles and her guest spots on other rappers’ tracks, the alarm-pounding diva has sure kept herself busy. Now she pops up on the Waka Flocka Flame track “Get Low,” again proving herself doubly useful as both stripper-like eye candy and rhyme-spitter.

The “Starships” songstress takes time to address the buzz on whether or not she’s gone too mainstream: “Pop star, but I fuck ‘em like I’m still hood,” and continues to flaunt her anatomy like there’s no tomorrow: “Boobs up and my ass out, somebody get a medic when you pass out.” Well, what’d you expect from a track called “Get Low”? Self-reflection and soul-searching?

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