Hear Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire (Inferno)” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Alicia Keys was set to unveil her new single “Girl On Fire” at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday (Sep. 6), and she even gave us a teeny, tiny snippet of the song in her VMA promo. But it appears the full track has leaked online ahead of the performance and —  how’s this for a Labor Day surprise — Nicki Minaj has two verses on the track!

Over stomping percussion, Minaj opens the track with the first of two understated verses, before Keys’ trademark soaring vocals and a simple, delicate piano melody kick in. Keys once again proves she’s the master at melding pop piano balladry with hip-hop, even getting Minaj to dial down the theatrics for the heartfelt song. “Girl On Fire” is the title track off Alicia Keys’ forthcoming album (scheduled for a November 27 release) and you can hear the song over at That Grape Juice.

  • James

    Nicki ruins it

  • Darryl

    STFU James. Nicki’s lyrical ability adds diversity and assertiveness to the song. Alicia keeps the song mellow and heartfelt. So stop hating, if you don’t like it, just edit Nicki’s parts out, or are you too busy hating, you haven’t learned how to?

    • intel

      wow, stan…calm down. it’s an opinion. stop hating a hater and edit that comment out, fool.

  • Josh

    wow, im so impressed at how this song shares room so well for both such different artists

    so interesting wow

  • nayib

    wow ts an amazing ong on nth their parts, the conrast between nickis bars and miss keys singing but both empowering