Rihanna Joins Coldplay In Paris For “Princess Of China” & “Umbrella”

Sep 3rd, 2012 // Comment
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Rihanna & Coldplay Rework "Umbrella"

Rihanna and Coldplay are slated to perform at the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony in London on September 9, but Saturday (Sep. 2) the two acts gave a preview in Paris. RiRi joined the Brits on stage for a lovely unplugged version of “Umbrella,” with Chris Martin on “ella, ella, ay, ay, ay” duties. Watch the reinterpretation up top, and continue reading to see them perform their Mylo Xyloto duet “Princess Of China.”

For “Princess Of China,” Rihanna donned a silky red-and-black dress reminiscent of one of her (many) outfits from that song’s video. She sang while making her way toward the full band over a runway that appeared to be covered in flower petals. Once she was flanked by the pastel-wearing quartet, Martin and Rihanna dove into the “whooooa” chorus, with the whole crowd joining in.

Coldplay and Rihanna, “Princess Of China”

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