Wonder Girls Teach Their “Like Money” Dance

Sep 6th, 2012 // 8 Comments
Dance Like The Wonder Girls

Last week K-Pop sensations Wonder Girls stopped by to brighten up Idolator headquarters like five little rays of sunshine. We didn’t just get to chit-chat with the adorable fivesome — Lim, Yubin and Sun offered to show us how to do their signature dance moves from their “Like Money” music video featuring Akon. How could we pass up an offer like that? Watch above for a step-by-step breakdown of their choreography.

Were able to master the Wonder Girls’ moves? Upload your dance to their “Like Money” Dance Off here by September 23. 



  1. watching it like this

    feel easier to do

    i can dance to this move now!!

  2. DiY_MaN

    I try to dance cos i love Wonder Girls ^^

    PS: Where YeEun and SoHee?

  3. Wonder girls is very cool~! I love you My super star

  4. krissy

    ♥Wonder Girls♥

  5. Spress

    Yay! My favorite group … and I’m not Korean either! lol
    Hope Wonder Girls tour the U.S. again soon. :D

  6. tDj

    wow, thanx for teaching the dance moves, girls! i’m gonna practice them now! love WG!!

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